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Mc John S.r.l. presents the new service Mc John Cloud, an innovative cloud, easy to use and full of features, it is not a simple filing where to store files, it is much more, it is a collection of services to for collaborative work, through the internet, very simple and safe.
Here is a list of the basic services offered:

  • Manage groups, users, folders and files of any kind, including photos, audio and video.
  • Office online with Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Revisions of documents.
  • Comments on any file, even documents.
  • Network trash, a file can be recovered if accidentally deleted.
  • Email.
  • Contact address book.
  • Private and / or shared calendar with groups, users.
  • Video conference with groups, users, invited guests with a link.
  • Sharing your desktop during a video conference.
  • Integrated chat in different services, comments, video conference, etc…
  • Blackboard to organize tasks that must be performed by multiple users or groups.
  • Internal search engine to search for files or documents based on the words contained in addition to the file name or document name.
  • Antivirus ClamAV, files uploaded to the Cloud are automatically checked for the antivirus, any infected files are reported and removed.

Mc John Cloud uses Nextcloud technology that was recently adopted by the German Federal Administration (about 300,000 users) for its high security and extreme ease of use.
Mc John Cloud has a modular structure that allows you to easily add and configure the services corresponding to the required features.
To use Mc John Cloud simply a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, from a personal computer or a smartphone, you do not need to install any program on your computer or application on your smartphone.
App for Android and iOS are available for automatic synchronization of contacts, calendar, files, etc…, but it is not essential, all services are designed to be used directly through the browser.
New App dedicated for the Talk, video conferencing and chat function, for Android and iOS.
Folders can be encrypted individually for greater protection of confidential data.
Documents are managed by an Office program in the Cloud, it is not required to have the Office program on your computer.
A document can be edited by multiple users at the same time, the changes are highlighted in real time with a different color for each user.
Mc John Cloud complies with the GDPR regulations for the protection of personal data.
The Mc John Cloud service is provided with the following basic configuration:

  • Private VPS server with the following technical features:
    • Cpu: Intel Xeon 4 core 2,4 GHZ
    • Ram: 8 GB
    • Hard disk: 200 GB SSD, solid state type
    • Unlimited traffic
    • Active DDoS protection
    • Root access with SSH and VNC
    • 1 IPV4 and IPV6 IP static address
  • Software supplied, installed and configured:
    • OpenSUSE Leap 15.x 64 bit operating system, Apache 2.4 Web server, MariaDB database with Web GUI, PHP 7, Java, Postfix Mail server and Dovecot with Web GUI, Firewall and Fail2ban, Docker, Webmail, Nextcloud.
    • A .cloud domain name with SSL certificate e.g.
    • An unlimited number of e-mail boxes, e.g.

Now let’s see what the market prices are for a complete Cloud Service:

  • on Aruba a VPS Server with technical features similar to our costs € 80.64 for month x 12 months = € 967.68 for year.
  • installation and configuration of the Server (Startup, one-off)
    on Nextcloud a cost of € 990.00 is requested
  • assistance and updates.
    on Nextcloud a cost of € 1,900.00 for year is requested with a response time within 3 working days.

Therefore a complete Cloud Service costs:

  • the first year € 967.68 + € 990.00 + € 1,900.00 = € 3,857.68
  • from the second year onwards € 967.68 + € 1,900.00 = € 2,867.68 for year.

Now let’s see how much cost the Cloud Service offered by Mc John S.r.l.

  • a VPS Server costs € 480.00 for year.
  • installation and configuration of the Server (Startup, one-off) costs € 500.00
  • assistance and updates costs € 120.00 for year with response times within 24 hours

Therefore the complete Cloud Service offered by Mc John S.r.l. costs:

  • the first year € 240.00 + € 500.00 + € 120 = € 860.00
  • from the second year onwards € 240.00 + € 120 = € 360.00 for year.

As you can see with our Cloud service, you save:

  • the first year € 3,857.68 – € 860.00 = € 2,997.68
  • from the second year onwards € 2,867.68 – € 360.00 = € 2,507.68 for year.

N.B. all prices shown are VAT excluded 22%

If you are wondering why Mc John S.r.l. offers a Cloud service with prices much lower than market prices, here are the main reasons:

  • We have one of our servers at one of the most important Webfarm in Germany with high quality standards and ISO9000 certified.
  • Having one of our servers we manage it directly and therefore we do not have additional costs for qualified external personnel for installations, configurations, updates, resolution of problems, etc .. we have our technical staff who is highly qualified with over 10 years of experience in Open source technology.
  • We use only Open Source technologies (software) under the GPL license, which has no costs compared to closed technologies (software) with a proprietary license.
  • Contrary to the false cliché “Costa little, so it’s worth nothing” Open source software is of the highest quality because it is the result of the collaborative work of many engineers, researchers and programmers in the world, and the time to issue bug fixes and updates is very short.

All these factors contribute to the considerable cost reduction, and for this reason we can offer a complete and high quality Cloud Service with the support of a highly qualified technical assistance able to solve any problem in a very short time.

The Mc John Cloud service has been subjected to rigorous security checks and has received the highest evaluation, this verification shows that in our server have been taken all possible measures to ensure the highest level of security today possible.

If you want to try the simplicity of use and the quality of the Cloud service offered by Mc John S.r.l., a demo account is available with the following data:

The space available for the demo user is 1 GB.

Available packages, other configurations available on request.


Processor RAM memory SSD hard disk 6 month package 12 month package
Xeon 4 core 8 GB 200 GB CLOUD-P1-6M CLOUD-P1-12M
Xeon 6 core 16 GB 400 GB CLOUD-P2-6M CLOUD-P2-12M
Xeon 8 core 30 GB 800 GB CLOUD-P3-6M CLOUD-P3-12M
Xeon 10 core 60 GB 1,600 GB CLOUD-P4-6M CLOUD-P4-12M

For further information and clarifications, please contact us.